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Mahindra emax 22

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Hi all. I have been looking for a SCUT with a loader and FWA. I have recently found a Mahindr EMAX 22 with a loader adn 60'' deck for $217 a month. I would have to pay a month because I can't pay right out. So how do these machines work. Good or Bad? How is the deck. And are there any problems I have to look at? Thank
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I have purchased the Max 25 with mmm, fel, backhoe. I have put 55 hrs on this machine. I think the other post about the tractor not being as refined as others is correct. Everything is heavier duty on the Max versus the others that is correct. I feel I made the correct move to purchase max. I am very happy with its abilities. The deck comes on and off easily. Backhoe attachment says made in USA and built well. Deck is very heavy. The only problem I have had is: The tractor overheated and went into depower mode. Grass had clogged up the front screen and cut air off to engine. Cleaned screen and all was fine. I mow about 5acres and the grass gets kicked up off of the front tires(industrial tires) and gets sucked into the screen. I may put some fenders on the front to solve the problem but for now just clean the screen every mow and your good.

I think the first 50hr service is important to change all fluids too. I think they used a break in fluid because after service the hydros didn't wine like before service.
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I've had my eMax for over year with about 75 hours on it. Mine's a hydro and has a FEL. It's been very good for what we do here. I have 3point mounted finish mower instead of a belly mount. Had a couple of dealers talk me out of the belly mower, I think the rear mount is better for mowing pastures. I'm still amazed how well built this tractor really is, heavy castings, thick steel, strong engine. You won't go wrong with one. Keep it clean and fluids changed and it will outlast you.
Sit on an eMax and then sit on a Max 24. You will see the differences. I am about 6'3" and find myself a little cramped on an eMax. More plastic on eMax than Max. Same capabilities in terms of loader lbs, 3pt lbs, etc. Daedong engine compared to Mitsubishi in Max. 60" mower made by Amerequip cuts very nicely. Both units are nice. I tend to prefer a Max because of my size as well as the Mitsubishi engine.
Thanks guys need to focus on building a shed for my lawn mowers so it might be awhile till I buy one

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Looked at several different Mahindra models today. Peculiar how the different models have different pedal arrangements. I understand the Max having split brakes vs the eMax having a single. But I saw three different drive pedal arrangements. Heel/toe rocker pedal, side by side forward/reverse, and a forward pedal/separate heel pedal reverse. Might I have been looking at two different year models? Models were 22, 24, and 25's. equal mix of Max and eMax models.

As an owner of a Simplicity 4041, I was drooling over the turf and R4 rear tires. 29x12.5x15 tires are not easy to find.
Re: Mahindra Emax 22

Yes have 75 hours on mine. FEL only, no hoe. Good little tractor
Re: Mahindra Emax 22

I just got a max 24 and a max 26 w/hoe. The max 24 is for the house, I looked at both the 22 and 24, the reason I choose the max 24 is due to the Mitsubishi engine. The emax 22 has the Korean motor in it and it runs at a higher rpm, the max 24 runs at 2500rpm. I figured longer life and the Mitsubishi engine has great reviews. Both machines have the same FEL lift capacity, also climb under the Emax 22 and then climb under the max 24, the 24 is more stout.

I have the max 24 just got it on halloween, Was out back working with and all I can say is I love it!

we also got the max 26 w/ hoe, waiting for delivery........

I got an emax22 on Halloween has loader and backhoe. I'm happy so far with its performance.
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