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Mahindra 8100—is this thing junk???

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Purchased a new Mahindra 8100 and 15 ft batwing mower Sep 2019 for use on my fathers farm. 90% the time this tractor will be used for general mowing of 140 acres. My father is 81 and due to knee issues cannot use this. I live 90 miles away and am the primary operator of this tractor when I can get to the farm (every 3-4 weeks). Tractor has had nothing but issues every since it was delivered. 30 mins after it rolled off the trailer, DEF system light comes on and it goes into limp mode. Tractor picked up next day by dealer. Sat in shop for two plus weeks to get a new DEF tank and heater. Next use things start falling apart on it. Exhaust stack bolts come out and stack falls off in field. Lift arm retaining pins come out and lift arms flopping around and chew PTO shaft to pieces. Interior lights, radio, horn stop working. Rear wheel lug nuts back almost completely off and wheels almost fall off. Dealer comes out to assess if wheel studs have been damaged. They apply RED loctite, tighten them up and call it good. At about 50 hours, plug for PTO sensor comes unplugged and DEF dosing valve blows its guts and spews fluid everywhere. Dealer comes and tows it out of the field and have it for three weeks. Get it back and finally finish up fall mowing. Tractor is used every 3-4 weeks for some minor stuff. Fired it up 15 Aug to mow about 80 acres in the back. Mow for 9 hrs without a hitch. Took a break, eat, refuel, and back to the field. Mow less than 10 mins and check engine light comes on and goes into limp mode. Dealer comes get it on Monday and now it sits at the dealer again. Corporate tech guy is scheduled to check it out next says they called corporate since this tractor has had som many issues.
this thing spends more time in the shop than it does the field!! Currently has 102 hours. Like I said, I live 90 miles away and when I get to the farm...I need a tractor that will work!! Dealer tries their best and Mahindra corporate has been as useless as the tractor...their answer for EVERYTHING is “talk to your dealer”. My father is 9 kinds of irritated about dropping $73,000 for something that breaks every time it is used. I’m interested to hear input and feedback on the 8100.
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Search the forum a bit, and you’ll find many stories similar to yours where corporate isn’t standing behind the dealer. Leaves the dealer AND the customer in a tough spot. This happens with all brands, some much more often than others (mostly newcomers to US soil).. If I were a dealer and that type of thing happened regularly, I would consider dropping the product line.
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I had a Old Army Buddy get his Mahindra compact repossed because he missed one Payment while the Tractor was sitting in the shop for 4 months waiting on Parts. I really do feel your Pain I Know several People with Mahindra issues some are still In the shop Best advice I can give You is contact Your States attorneys office and file a complaint thru them I Know somebody On another forum I Belong to did that and Got his Money Back from Mahindra and went and Bought a Case/IH and Has been Happy since (y)
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Heard similar stories from a guy that bought his first tractor( a Mahindra) for a snow plowing business. He was left empty handed for most of the winter
It kind of seems like the buyers of these things either get a really good one that’s basically trouble free for the life of the machine, or absolute unusable junk that the manufacturer doesn’t care to stand behind according to the buyer (I’d like to hear the dealer’s and manufacturer’s sides of the stories on many of these). The trouble free ones are the buyers who took the gamble on a cheap tractor and won - these cases far outweigh the bad ones.
Unless the TYM/Branson/Mahindra/Kioti/LS Machine I’m looking at is an absolute smoking almost too-good-to-be-true deal, I’ll stick with Kubota/Massey/Deere/case/etc. They’re well established and have longer proven support.

To the OP, man I really hope you can get this resolved. There’s almost always bugs with a new machine no matter what it is. 99/100 times even a crippling issue like yours something simple, just a matter of finding it. That’s the hardest part.

Best of luck sir.
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