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Magntetic Pick Up Testing - Tach Not Working

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Hi All,

My tach hasn't been working and I checked all the wiring and it doesnt look broken or chewed up. So I removed the magnetic pick up sensor and wanted to see how I can test it. Can I use a multimeter somehow, like ohms or I read something about AC volts testing. This is for my 2940. I'd like to test it before I go and replace the sensor, if that is way. Thanks guys, I look forward to your advice.
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Only way I remember to check tach sensor is to check with sensor mounted on engine with engine running. You probably need to acquire a JD 2940 tech manual.
Thanks, I have one. It just shows how to remove it but not test it.
Replacing the sensor in the cover ended up being the issue. Works great now!
I know I’m late to this and it’s good you got it repaired, but I was once upon a time in your shoes, kind of.

I had a motorcycle with a non-functional speedometer. I suspected the magnetic sensor was bad. I got hold of the service manual and it dictated a process to test it. Basically I had to hold the leads of a multimeter on the wires and briskly wave a magnet past it repeatedly to check voltage. Before committing to purchasing the new sensor, the dealership allowed me to poke my multimeter leads through the factory sealed bag and perform that same test. As long as the bag remained sealed they could return it to Honda no charge. Sure enough, voltage on that one was within spec.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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