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Mackissic Shredder-Chipper 12PT1100

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I live in North East Connecticut and have 2 acres of land, a little over 1 acre is wooded.
After a month of research I decided on a Mighty Mac 12PT1100
I considered the Bearcat SC3305 the Dr Power 11.50 premier and Mackissic.
All three were available thru dealers within 40 miles....The DR power would have had to been ordered.

I called Canns-Bilco to find a local dealer for the Mac, they did their sales pitch on the phone.
The guy from Canns-Bilco gave me the cell number for the New england sales rep.
The new england sales rep gave me the phone numbers for 2 dealers closest to me.
(Why not list the dealers on the web site?)

I had always wanted a Mackissic, however, the Mac was in last place on my short list, thinking I would not have a local dealer for service/repairs.

It turns out DH Marvin in Colchester CT sells the Mac, I had never been there.
DH Marvin is a John Deere dealer...I'm a Cub Cadet guy....the dealership was quite impressive, I felt a sence of relief buying from a large dealer with a very clean yard and service area.

I tell Curt the salesman that I'll take the machine, he pulls it in the service area, gases it up and starts it. Then we fill out the paper work and he takes my cash, gets some ramps and we load it in the bed of my pick up.

I get home, grab my ramps and unload the machine when I get home, read the manuals now I'm ready to fire it up and go to work.
It came with safety glasses, work gloves and ear muffs.
Well I check the gas and oil....the oil is waaay over filled, I get my measuring cup and start draining....I took out 10 ounces to get it to the full line on the dip stick.
So I figure I better check everything else...Belt tension was supposed to be 3/ was 3/4, so I adjusted the belt.
Check the pulleys with a straight edge...within 1/16
Check the knife on the chipper...that was 1/16, so that was ok.
Hit all the zerks with the grease bearing took several pumps.

Tow the machine to one of my brush piles, fire it up (2 pulls) start chipping and shredding, at a 1/2 hour and 1 hour I check the oil and the belt...A OK.
Run thru 2 tanks of gas, got a small mountain of mulch, the mighty mac handled what ever I put in the chipper or shredder.
It seemed very stable towing it with the garden tractor.

My wife came outside after I did my "service" to my new chipper, she asked what the heck I was doin to a NEW machine.
I told her the oil was way I figured it was best to check everything else that I could before I used it.
I did call the owner at DH marvin and expressed my concern, he told me I could bring it right back and they would check everything out.
I just figured, between the cost of GAS and the drive time, I would check/adjust everything, I mean you have to do this every so many hours anyway
and I would get to know my new piece of equipment.

5 Stars for Mackissic
3 Stars for DH Marvin

The chipper should have been ready for service from the dealer period.

Maybe a star or two for me, for knowing to double check the dealer before using the machine.

I don't know why.....but I'm dying to paint this chipper yellow.


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It's been over 4 years since I purchased the Mighty Mac.
It's still running very well, I've chipped dozens of brush piles...The pile I have been working on the last couple of weekends was 20ft. wide by 80ft. long, at one time it was over 6 ft.'s been sitting a couple of years, so it was down to 3 or 4 ft tall....I think, one more weekend and I'll have it all chipped.

I have kept up on the maintenance, changing the engine oil, rotating the hammers, checking the belt tension, greasing the bearings, clean/replace air filter, etc.
I have changed the chipping blade once...gotta get the old one sharpened.

Very happy with the Mighty Mac.
Very nice! What do you do with the chips?

I usually just burn my stuff. Would probably be faster to chip it up. I have a Troy Bilt chipper that came with a Horse PTO tiller, but I've never used it.

I use them around the shrubs, flowers and at the base of the rock wall entrance to the year I used them on my tractor path (named it wood chip road)
I just sold an 8hp electic start Mac chipper that looked like new for $495 I bought at an auctions for $85 I like making brush piles for rabbits LOL But that machine was easy to start and very powerful.
What a good deal....I paid full retail for mine.

At the time I was looking, all the used ones were pretty beat.
I considered an echo bearcat, but went with the MacKissic.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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