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M - no oil to rockers

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Don't where to go next? Overhauled my M and had the local machine shop bore it and install new cam bearings. Well no oil to rockers. Pull the engine out agian and the rear cam bearing was not aligned with oil feed port.

Machine shop installed another set of cam bearings and this time aligned the feed hole. Reinstalled and guess what? No oil feeding yet.

The first time I had no oil in the galley where the feed port is in the block to rockers. This second time I have oil in the galley, but no pressure to feed up to the rockers. Oil filter gauge reads within normal.

Any suggestions?
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I do remember there is a distance measured from the front of the block, with camshaft removed, as to setting the depth of the expansion plug. Had to do that on my MT a few years back.
I hope the machine shop covered that expense..!!
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