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M-f executive 7

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I own this cool little 1963 Massey Fergusson executive 7 I bought awhile back in Pa. some of you may have seen the you tube walk around of it. Well time has come to restore this little gem , I have found the right color yellow paint , but I'm lost when it comes to the color of the seat , steering wheel and rims its a whitish grey color any info would be greatly appreciated . thanks Hank
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I have what I think is an all original. It has white rims with a black seat on it. At least the steel seat frame and etc. is painted black. The bits between the seat and the chassis are the same yellow as the sheet metal.
Oh Yeah. On mine, the steering wheel is made from a black material that has chalked up a bit over the years and is a funky grey color too. I looked under the center of mine (between the dash and wheel) and saw what appears to be white paint. So.... Your guess on that, although I do recall seeing an ad for a Massey 7 years ago and it had a white wheel. Seems to me that might have been an ad for the later 7's with the later fenders.
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Probably get more help in the Massey garden tractor section below this area.
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