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After looking at a used Kubota I stopped by and looked at a Cub/Yanmar 450 with front loader. $26100 w fel and 0% financing for 60 mos,or take$4300 off for cash/other financing. After reading another thread is Yanmar and Cub parting ways? Is this a good deal? It's 45 hp 4wd.
the Kubota was 50hp fel 4wd for $15000 and 1024 hrs. No leaks, started easily in cold weather. everything worked except for parking brake. It was a 2000 M5400.
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Based on their website it sound like they have a joint venture or merger going. The new cubs are now Cub Cadet Yanmar.
Yanmar was building the tractors for Cub and putting a sticker on them for Cub/Yanmar. Last year Yanmar decided they did not want to continue the relationship and they were going to sell the same exact tractor with just the yanmar name on it. Unfortunately the dealers are caught in the middle because they already have tractors in the field and if they wanted to get parts for them they had to sign with Yanmar. The tractors are solid, my brother has a SX3100, great machine. The LX450 is pretty much the big brother with the power-reverser, twelve speed tranny, step through platform and all the other bells and whistles. I work at the dealer that my brother bought his from, the reason he went with the Cub Yanmar over a John Deere Yanmar was the price.

Good luck with your choice.

(Buy the Yanmar)
The transition from CC/Y to just Y is confusing, for instance, I'd like to get a shop manual for mine but so far there doesn't seem to be one? Is that because Cub decided not to produce one considering the situation or is the ball back in Yanmar's court? Good luck trying to get a straight answer on that. I have an EX3200 I bought last year from Smith's in Tennessee. There are times when I wish I had gone bigger but I guess that is always going to happen. It's a great machine and has been really a life saver here in Connecticut where there were two major storms last year that devestated my "landscape". Personally I like the yellow and black more than the yanmar red if that means anything. Fortunately the few things I've wanted have been available through my local Cub dealer or from Smith's.
I bought a new Kubota with FEL that has the Bobcat style quick disconnect bucket. It's the L3800 4wd model with gear tranny and cost was a deal maker for me. I've put 3 hrs on it so far and I'm liking it.
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