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LX280 Mulching Issues

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Hello, new to the forum. I’ve been reading through the threads for the past week and have learned a lot!

Anyway, I have a JD LX280 with a 42C deck. At the beginning of the season I decided to try out the JD mulch kit. I haven’t been very satisfied with the results. No matter how dry or how short the cut, I always leave a line of grass behind me. Even when I run over the same area 5 times! The line seems to come from between the two blades as it’s directly in the middle of my path behind me.

I’ve read that some people have had great success with the JD mulch kit. Is there a specific way to align the blades when installing. My local dealer said on the LX280, it didn’t matter, but I can’t help but think that since the line of grass is in the middle, it has something to do with the blade alignment.

I’ve also read that people have had success with the Gator mulching blades. I tried to order a set from Agri Supply but the rep said they had no suitable replacement for my tractor. I gave them the blade part number that I found online (M148613) but I’m unsure if that was what came with the tractor as those blades were finally discarded this year. Can anyone recommend a Gator replacement for an LX280 42C deck?

I’ve read that some have had success using the Gator blades with the mulch plug. I’m hoping to give this a try.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!
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:MTF_wel: Swagger, nice to have you aboard.
I don't have the info. you're seeking on the gator blades, but here's Oregons website ( gator blade manufacturer ) if you want to try and do a little research there :).
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