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LX279 at action

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I found out about an auction this Saturday that has an LX279 going on the auction block among many other machines. The owner of a small engine shop was killed in a car crash earlier this year and it looks as though the widow just wants everything gone.


I am primarily going to look at the 279 but I will definitely be looking at all of the other things he has as well. In one of the pictures I did spot what appears to be a lonely 111 sitting by itself and there are a couple of other non JD machines that look interesting as well.

Normally this would be the point where I ask what the LX279 is worth but I have no other information about it's condition other than the pictures in the site.

If nothing else auctions can be great entertainment watching others bid things up to ridiculous amounts.
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Tip top condition maybe $1200, but I can see the front bumper cover is gone and the bumper is bent so maybe more like 8 if the hood is cracked too
Somewhere in between depending on condition of everything else.

I like the foot controls with cruise control on the fender on those LX2xx's Same engine as my LX188 but should have the steel cam in all the lx 200's

Looks like tons of junk out there, but that Corvair turbo Spyder should bring a nice check if it has been carefully stored.
I'm not sure how he stored it but he also had a red convertible corvair which was his pride and joy. He was one of my shop teachers back in high school back in the late 80's and would bring it to school on nice days. It was also the car he was driving when he crashed.

Anyway, there is a lot of stuff not pictured and hopefully I will find a diamond in the rough out there. Never know. We shall see on Saturday.
Be heading to the auction in the morning. Supposedly there are a bunch of 300 series parts hiding around there like side panels, hoods, carbs, among other things. I'll hopefully find something worthwhile when I get there. I'll also be getting a better look at the LX and see if it's worth anything. If nothing else I can post the sale price and get a good laugh or cry depending on what it goes for.
Well, I never got to see the LX279, apparently it belonged to a customer and wasn't up for auction. There was a brand new 50" JD deck (not sure what it was from) went for $300 shelves and shelves of JD brackets & mulch plates that went for cheap. An entire wall of belts (all brands) that went for $10 an old 111 out back that went for scrap along with alot of other mower carcasses. The blue corvair brought $1000 while the yellow one want for $500. I saw a running STX38 go for $2.50 but it was rough and they kept on bringing out new in the box motors that were going for $100-$200. This sweepster went for $125 looks to be complete but rough.
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The only things I brought home were a engine hoist for $40.00 and a parts washer for $20.00

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