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Lx188 PTO problem

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My JD LX188 dies every the the PTO button is pulled. The blades turn just fine, and the clutch itself SEEMS to be OK. Ant suggestions? Thank You
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Did you get this solved?

When I first start it, perhaps for the first 5 minutes or so, my LX188 bogs down when I engage the mower deck and sometimes it dies. It's not an immediate stop, like I flicked a switch, more like the load of the mower deck pulls the RPMs down. If I sit for a bit and let it warm up, I can get the mower deck running. Sometimes I pull the PTO switch on for a couple of seconds, then back off until the mower deck loosens up, or whatever it does.

I'm having an other issue at the moment with lack of charging when the PTO is engaged. Here is that thread:
Or the clutch is not free (to pull in or release) and just completely loads down the engine.
I have nothing helpful to add for the OP. Just wanted to say that I hate electrical issues. Hate them more that I hate root canals.
Either the belt is routed wrong, or a pulley is seized up because if unhooking the belt lets the pto engage, then there is nothing else it could be, unless the pto clutch is so bad it won't engage under a load. Check the belt routing and all the pulleys.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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