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Lx188 PTO problem

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My JD LX188 dies every the the PTO button is pulled. The blades turn just fine, and the clutch itself SEEMS to be OK. Ant suggestions? Thank You
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The knob pulls the switch. The 3 safety switches work wih each other so if one is bad it effects the others. Roger
You need the JD factory manual for how to test/check this. Guessing at what to do could get expensive if you destroy some of electrical components by mistake. DO NOT just connect wires without knowing what you are doing. My advice is go to dealer and offer to pay for copies of the pages you need. You could also ask the service manager what they generally find for the problem when this happens. Don't assume anything with safety system wiring. Roger
Are you saying with the deck belt off and you turn the PTO on everything continues to run?? If so the PTO clutch is in some way your problem. Dead short?? Roger
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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