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Lx188 PTO problem

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My JD LX188 dies every the the PTO button is pulled. The blades turn just fine, and the clutch itself SEEMS to be OK. Ant suggestions? Thank You
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Is the PTO safety switch different from the PTO switch on the dash (yellow knob you pull to engaged the deck clutch)?
Right now the knob takes 12 volts from blue wire and passes it through to purple and yellow with black. I assume this is not correct? If purple or yellow is removed, the engine will not turn over to start. I just need to make sure I am purchasing the part at fault. Could you please confirm? Thank you.
Thank you for the great advice
Brake switch and seat switch appear to be working properly. The unit immediately "dies" when the blades are engaged. It does not die if the electronic clutch is disconnected. Any ideas???
No. The brake pedal has to be pressed to start unit.
This unit was just recently purchased. I'm not sure about the history of the unit, but it has had the symptoms ever since it was purchased.
This is so strange. With the belt disconnected from the deck everything seems to run properly. But when the deck belt is installed, the engine dies as soon as the clutch is engaged. Everything on the deck seems to be functioning properly and moving freely..
I installed a different belt between the clutch and deck. It the PTO switch is turned on, then off again quickly several times, I can get the deck running without killing the engine. The unit will then function, but only by this method. It us not right, but will operate. I would really like it to run as it should, but at least know it WILL operate.
1 - 9 of 24 Posts
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