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lx188 not running and new member

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Hi..Great site good to see you also have a chat room these are a great tool for active troubleshooting which I may find myself in a very short order having just brought home an lx188 not running with the electrical completely hacked to the point of no return.
If and when I can return this to proper order only then will I be able to graduate to a bigger iron of a better fitting.
I'll be interested to see if My limited electrical skills can pull me out of this mess I climbed into.
So on that note I'm introducing myself as Curtis and hope to talk to some of you here, and If I can help in some capacity I'll certainly try.
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If you haven’t already, be sure and visit our Lawn and Garden Tractors By Brand/John Deere Forum here:
:MTF_wel2: We are glad to have you. There are many friendly and knowledgeable folks here at MTF, so enjoy all the different forums. Click on ”Active Topics” near the top left of the page for all the latest activity. You can also register with other members from your state by clicking here:
Welcome to MTF. Glad to have you.

Welcome to the forum! :Welcome1:

Welcome to MTF. I hope you get your LX sorted out soon.

Welcome to MTF :MTF_wel:
:MTF_wel: Curtis !, nice to have you with us :).
Well lets start somewhere...

Welcome to the forum, sooneer! :Welcome1: Glad to have you here!

Thanks for the diagrams! :fing32:
Curtis, Welcome to MTF. As you can see from Kbietz diagram, you get great info here.:MTF_wel:
:MTF_wel2: sooneer

Hope you get your answers, looks like kbeitz has given you some good information already. Welcome!
Appreciate the welcome and diagram:00000057:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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