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LX172 Traction belt installation

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Hi all,

I recently acquired a JD LX172 lawn tractor from a friend who's down-sizing from a home to a condo. He actually gave it to me, pretty cool!

The tractor worked great for the first couple of cuts, then suddenly stopped moving, yet the engine remained strong and the mower blades continued to cut.

After doing some DD and inspection, I came to realize the traction belt had broken from normal wear and tear. So off to my JD supplier I went and picked up a new belt.

I've managed to remove the mower assembly, which was pretty straight ahead using the directions in the manual and I managed to remove to old traction belt which was shredded and no longer on the proper belt track, thus confirming my initial determination of the problem.

Here's where I'm stuck... I'm simply not sure how to install the new one.

The manual doesnt go into any detail how to install the new traction belt.

Anyone out there done this?

Is it necessary to remove any of the sheaths/guides and/or belt pulleys to install the new belt? Or are you supposed to be able to thread the new belt on without having to remove anything?

Much appreciation out to anyone able to offer any insight!


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Might check in the JD Parts Catalog, they have diagrams and parts help for about every aspect of any JD :).
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