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LX172 - Manuals & Maintenance

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Wife and I just moved and added this 31 year old to the family! My brother told me to get something new and reliable, but I don't got that "new" kind of money! Went the reliable route and I'm hoping to keep this old $500 dogg running for years to spite him :sneaky:

Totally green here, first time JD owner and riding mower owner, but I am handy and mechanically inclined.

Looking for some advice on:

-Where to get maintenance, service and owner manuals
-General steps to take after acquiring a new machine like this

Here's my list so far:
-Clean it up, check for leaks
-Order JD maintenance kit and change oil, plug, filters etc
-Grease all the fittings
-Check for wiring corrosion and replace as needed

Point me in the right direction and help me spite my brother ;)
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Welcome to MTF! JD protects their Tech Manual pretty good, so none are posted on the site. However, they do make them all easy to get and operator manuals for everything are free on their Technical Pubs Online site:

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Here is the link:

Search for Equipment Publications - Technical Information Store (

Make sure you select the proper one for your serial number.

Parts are easy to find on the JD Online Parts Catalog:

John Deere Parts Catalog

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Forgot to give you the MTF site navigation assistance in case you need it:

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