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LX 173 John Deere

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I have 1997 LX 173 John Deere lawn tractor with a Kohler motor. In attempt to start, I noticed no gas in the gas line to carb. It has a new fuel filter and fuel line. I put in a new fuel pump, but still no gas to the line. Any ideas as to why the gas is not flowing?
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Air bound. Take the line off the exit end of the filter and hold it down to get the fuel to it.You may have to do the same to the line from the filter to the pump.Pump won't prime the system dry.
When you disconnect the line at the filter it may still not flow any gas. A lot of these mowers pick the fuel up out of the top of the tank. If my LT160 ( Kohler engine) sets for a while I have to prime the fuel line to get it to start. I just stick a small piece of fuel line in the tank, seal around the tank neck with my hand and blow some air in.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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