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LT155 Carburetor replacement question

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I replaced the existing carburetor with an inexpensive version. When I put the throttle to choke, it seems it floods and won't start. If I get the throttle adjustment in just the right spot the mower will start, but the engine does surge a bit when running. Has anyone experienced this issue with the cheap carb replacements?
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I bought one for a Kohler Cv15 that I had. I never could get it to stop popping at high idle. I bought one of the Kohler rebuild kits that has the seat in it, rebuilt the carb and it works fine.
I've bought several of the cheapo carbs for small 2 stroke engines when I couldn't get the original carb to work right. A few worked very well, most worked ok and a few didn't work at all. My first option is always to try repairing the OE carb even if the kit is expensive.
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