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lt150 hydro too slow

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How can i make my lt 150 hydro faster? I plow snow for the retired neighbors and a business that is about 3/4 mile up the street. It seams like i could walk faster than my tractor ! Is there bolt on pulleys available ? Or what if any can i do to the hydro unit ?:greendr::thanku:
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You have a Tuff Torq K46C on your tractor, I'll wouldn't mess with it. :dunno:
jdlt150, I dont know if this will help, I am not familiar with your tractor, but I just had a small issue with my foward travel pedal. When I put everything back together, I screwed the pedal on too far preventing it from engaging the trans completely, the bottom of the pedal would hit the floor without pushing the linkage far enough. The tractor was slow. When I backed off the pedal a 1/2 " or so, it allowed the linkage to be depressed further when the pedal was pushed down to the floor. I hope this helps and your repair is as easy.
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I had a LT166 that was slow also, I think it is the nature of the beast. It was real slow in reverse compared to my gx345.
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