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LS XR4155H has been very good to me

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This is my fourth tractor and by far the best. Amazing what this little guy can do. I was shopping for a 48hp Kub and the dealer had even brought one in for me to try, when I learned about LS on fakebook.

After reading up on it, I visited the nearest dealer. As luck smiled, that dealer is #1 nationwide in customer satisfaction. And I left there $13k lighter than the Kub woulda been, plus I have a cab with heat and AC, no small thang in Texas. I called the Kub sales guy to be polite and let him know, he said LS is eating his lunch lately on price and value.

200 hours later, no problems except a small hydraulic leak fixed under warranty. It was a dealer error when they added the backhoe plumbing. The hydraulic pump could be a little stronger, only gives 8gpm to an auger etc on the FEL.

But for the money I'm as happy as the proverbial clam. I wish the cabin were a little bigger and the FEL could lift more, but this is the top of the HSD line for now at LS. My dealer says LS hired on some American guys in product management, so expect cabs to get bigger in the future.