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Lowes 5x8 trailer.

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I saw this 5x8 trailer on Facebook yesterday morning about 20 minutes from the house. Guy said he bought it earlier this year, used it 3 or 4 times but needed to sell it. He had the 2020 certificate of origin and tag receipt. He had paid 749 for it so he still wanted a little more than I wanted to pay. We haggled around a bit and I bought it for 475. I stopped at the court house on the way home and got a tag for it. Not a great bargain but I've been looking for a 5 ft wide trailer for a few months. Nothing special, 12 inch tires and mesh floor but it will haul my 4 ft deck mowers.
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This morning I used a couple of pry bars and got the mesh back above the side rail. I found a piece of 1 1/2 tee metal that was a standard on a shelving system. I cut and notched it to go over the angle iron on the trailer. I bolted it down so it would be easy to remove if I end up having to floor it. I put it a foot in from the sides so it will be under the wheels. I need to tack the metal down and see how long it last. If it works I'll make one for the other side. I'm thinking this will work in this one place but am afraid I'll be chasing failures on other parts of the trailer.
Road surface Wood Asphalt Rectangle Tar
Automotive tire Mesh Road surface Wood Grey
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glenn; With the axle placement where it is there's still enough tongue weight that it pulls good empty. With a tractor on it most of the tractor is in front of the axle. I do need to turn the hitch over I just haven't got it done.
Can't you just flip the hitch itself upside down in the receiver. The way you have it now is a little too high, i think--giving you some negative tongue weight.
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