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Lowering a 5x10

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I have recently decided that a cheaper alternative to buying a new trailer would be to simply make do with what I have.

I have a custom built (overkill) 5x10 flatbed trailer that is just a little higher than I would like, I have been toying with flipping the axle for a while now, so tonight, I removed the axle and flipped it. Since the flip, the axle has a grand total of 4 inches of clearance from the frame to the top of the axle itself, minus however much for the u-bolts (its only sitting there, not bolted in yet)

My question, is this enough clearance or will I have to come up with something different?

Thanks, B.
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Depends entirely on your load and springs, but might be fine.
Is the axle cambered? If so, you're going to want to flip the spring perches, too.

I doubt 4" is going to be enough clearance, but that's a guess on my part.
Its a circular stock axle that sat flush on two welded brackets below the springs attached with two u bolts coming up to steel plates on each end to fasten to the leaf springs. I believe there are 4 or 5 sections of leaf for the springs. What about rounding out a section of the frame above for some added clearance. i'm working with a 2.5 by about 4 or 5 inch 1/4 wall steel frame so it should be sturdy enough? how much clearance might need to be added?
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post some pics of your setup

I have flipped a axle before with no problems, may have to modify the fenders to fit a tire under it or go with a smaller tire size.

But I would bolt it up and set it on the ground, load a tractor on it and then get a buddy to jump up and down on it, see how much travel you have.

Another option is a drop axle, still cheaper than a new trailer. + Trailer Parts>Trailer Axles-_-12434
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What all are you hauling with it?

I use a little larger trailer that hauls a garden tractor, three mowers, and other assorted equipment. It only has 2 1/2 inches clearance between the top of the tire and the fender when the trailer is empty, but it never rubs. It is a single axle, with the typical 3 or 4 leaf springs that you find at your average farm supply store.

Load test will tell you everything you need to know.
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Well I have two vehicles, worst case scenario an '04 Toyota 4runner (I believe the tow rating is 5 to 5.5k) it's never had a problem towing it with the Argo on board.

I'm trying to stay fairly dutch on this project so the less I have to spend the better, meaning that if i can make due with the axle i have then i will.
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