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lower grill mount?

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hey guys, i'm trying to figure out how in the world the lower grill on my 70's rt10 is bolted to my chassis. like most of our tractors i got the tractor with a broken lower grill. lucky for me the upper grill is in good shape. the previous owner got creative with some 1/8 plate and some 3/4 plywood. the holes on my frame are about 6 inches apart from each other

and looks like this.

this is what the grill configuration is supposed to look like.

but for the life of me i can't find a pic on the web that focuses in on the lower mount area (always hidden by the grill). i've seen the mount brackets used on the ss16's and such, however their holes are approx 3 1/2 inches apart, not the 6 inches i need.

so if anyone could snap any pics, or give me ideas on what the lower mount on my tractor should look like it would really help a guy out.

as a note, these are not my pics. i pulled them from the net to illustrate what i am trying to describe and hope that the owners of these pics don't have a problem with me using them in this fashion. thanks

pics can be sent to [email protected] if easier than posing here.
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Here is one on ebay now, It says it needs a little work. Looks like part of the side is missing though. Dont know if it will help or not. Your right, the lower grill just bolts onto the frame. I believe the twin cylinder tractors were the only ones with the spacers under the grille.
:ditto: thats the right one
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