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Low transmission fluid in new tractor? (and other observations)

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Hi all. Well, I now have a new X530 sitting in my garage. Sweet.

The OCD in me noticed a few things and I wanted to get some opinions.

1. The transmission fluid level is right at the "add" line, i.e. it is technically low. The tractor was delivered with 0.6 hours on it. Is the fact the tractor was run 0.6 hours with the transmission fluid on the "add", not "full" line something to be concerned about? I can just add some more fluid. Interestingly the manual says before checking the fluid to move the hydraulic lever back and forth, but there is no such lever? Does the dealer add the transmission fluid or does Deere at the factory?

2. Whatever the dealer used to wash/dry this thing must not have been a clean sponge/towel/whatever, because there are some very light swirl / scratch marks in the green paint. Nothing deep at all, just very light surface scratches you can see in the right light. Maybe I'm too picky, but I guess I was expecting to get something immaculate. But it's a tractor and it soon will get dirty and scratched up I'm sure. Nothing I can do about it I guess. I'm not sending it back for something like that. :)
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I had the same thing happened to my X530 in the first days of usage. I had to go down to the dealership and purchase a quart to top off the reservoir. The swirl marks I would use Maguires wax and a DA buffer from Harbor Freight, it will make it shine better than when you picked it up.
I don't think there is anything wrong with your X530... It's pretty much normal for a new machine that you'll need to add some fluid after the first few uses. Just call the dealer Mon morning and then go get a quart to top it off. Sometimes they'll give you the fluid for free.
Same thing on my x530 I called the dealer and he had a bottle there waiting on me when I got there

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I see you've only been here a month. The number of times this same topic has come up would astound you. First, you have a hydraulic deck lift, that is your hydraulic lever, set the deck at a low level, say 1", and then lift and lower your deck several times. You can also sit on the tractor and turn the front wheels back and forth several times, your powersteering is off of the same hydraulic circuit.

Then recheck the oil and refill it to the proper level. The new external hydraulic systems often have air trapped in them, they will look fine when prepped by the dealer, but when you get it home and start moving things around you will dislodge an air bubble or 2 and suddenly your hydraulic oil reads low. OMG.OMG. Didn't the dealer properly prep this unit? Well yes he did, it just farted an air bubble out of the hydraulic circuit. Fill it and go on.

It may in fact continue to do that for a while, so keep an eye on that level and top it off when it levels out and is no longer dropping.

Just get some Meguires Ultimate Compound and a soft cloth, they should rub right out, then wax it.
You will need it for the plastic hood that likes to scratch easily.
Another thing with the hydraulic deck lift, if you top off the reservoir with the deck up, and then check it a few minutes later with the deck down, the fluid will indicate a bit low due to the different displacements on each side of the cylinder's piston. If the power steering cylinder is fastened to the tractor frame on one end, the same thing will apply if it's hard over one way and then the other.

In other words, don't sweat minor discrepancies in the fluid level. They're going to happen.
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