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Louisville Farm Machinery Show Tractor Pull

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Who all is headin down? I'm headin down Friday morn. with wife,son and MIL.:banghead3 Have tickets to Fri. and Sat. night pulls. Can't wait for them. Anxious to see JD's displays and alot of the other exhibits. Hav'nt been down since my son was born 12 yrs. ago. I'm sure it's even better now.
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Forgot my camera and my phone camera does'nt work either.:banghead3 The John Deere display was a little sad for lawn and garden. They only had 2 lawn tractors, an X310 and a X530. The rest was a combine, 2 field tractors, 1 huge 4WD, and then a few ground implements. Overall it was a nice show and great tractor pulls.:thThumbsU
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