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I have a LOT of blackberries that think they want to take over... so I always have to carry a pair of loppers with me. I got to thinking about where would it make the most sense to have a holder.

Looks like the ROPS is a pretty good place to try it out. I set a scrap piece of 4" PVC just across the top of the bolt and plate for the ROPS so it wouldn't mark up the paint on the tractor. I just used one zip-tie for now in case I change my mind. Came in real handy yesterday when I went up to my upper meadow and cut tansy.

But so far it makes me feel like one of the Ghostbuster guys reaching over his shoulder for the output side of his "Portable Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerator" units.

Maybe I should make a little decal with the NO symbol superimposed over blackberry vines!!

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Your post illustrates the problem we all have in solving the "just one more tool" problem. In my case, it comes to lopping shears, pruning shears, spare irrigation tubing, tubing cutter & connectors, replacement drippers, spot sprayer, barb wire fencing tool, sharp-shooter spade, etc .. & a big jug of water!

My solution? Park the tractor & use this. Just about as much fun as my Kubota, plus my little granddaughter gets to drive me around! :D


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