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Looks like the Northeast is about to get womped

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Our forecast has just been raised from 18-24" to 2 feet +. However the scariest prediction is for over an inch of ice accretion after the snow. Just hope I don't lose power during the Patriots game.

One question, I am looking for opinions, should I remove the snow when the freezing rain starts before the snow gets even heavier, but then I risk having a glaze of ice over the entire driveway. Or should I wait until the rain is over and deal with the heavy stuff, but perhaps preventing the serious icing?
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Don't leave too much snow before you start getting the rain, especially on a roof. I'd try to have just an inch or two when the rain starts, it should allow you to still clear it. I have to get prepped too!
What equipment do you have? Me personally since I have a tractor with FEL, long asphalt driveway I'd plow it once it got to 18"+ if it wasn't snowing too hard. Then a few inches snow with ice on top wouldn't be as hard to deal with.

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If I was expecting that much snow, I would be out there every 6" or so. I think my equipment is a bit lighter than yours, judging by your signature.
Ice on top of snow is a real pain.
If we get a big storm, ice forecast or not, I try to get it cleaned up when it's six or so inches deep. My walk-behind doesn't deal with heavy snow, so I try to keep it gone before any rain comes.
I'm hoping it doesn't amount to much. I'm really liking the dry ground. It's been a good winter so far. Saturday will be a busy day getting the last of the outdoor chores done before it snows.
Just hope I don't lose power during the Patriots game.
Priorities... :D

They’re not committing to amounts down here in RI, but it seems a little nastier with each update. Sunday looks the worst for precipitation, but Monday will be icebound at 15°F. I should pick up more sand and salt. At least I laid in the bread/milk/eggs this afternoon after filling up the truck with gasoline (want that extra weight)

I have a gravel driveway and try to snowblow before the rain begins, and in 5-6” stages if a lot of snow is coming. I hate the sloppy wet stuff but with the shoes set high I can leave a light layer for traction even if it freezes.
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We had freezing rain this morning that was enough to cause the gravel in the county parking lot to be slick to walk on. We are supposed to get maybe another inch or two leading into the weekend before the storm. We are now in the 10 - 14 inch predicted snowfall so we'll see if this keeps going up or changes and goes back down.
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I'd try to have at least some snow on the ground for the rain to freeze onto, instead of it freezing onto the ground. It's much easier to then remove the snow/ice mix, compared with doing all the snow, then working on getting the ice off the ground afterwards.
while i was stranded in a gas station, 15 deg below zero, knowing i would have to shovel at least part of my driveway to get off the street and then shovel my way out to go to work i came to the conclusion of what to do next. 50 years later I'am a naturalized Texan and never looked back even with days on end of 100 deg in August. 53 year ago i married a Massachusetts girl. we now have 15 grandchildren and 23 great grandchildren. life has been good. I grew up in Chemung,Il, and not many even know where that is.
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this is the first year I can remember being able to see grass in january! I think I've only had the blower out 3 times. Ice is a different story the back roads and driveway have been a skating rink for a month now! I think I've spent more money on ice melt than I've spent on fuel in yrs past!not even enough snow on the lake to fill in around the bottom of ice hut. lake ice is good though 12" clear ice. sled races here in 3 weeks so building track should be easy if these conditions keep up!
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I remember those days. I was stationed at Camp Pendleton in SoCal, and would see the winter storm forecasts for NE Massachusetts where I grew up and just chuckle at how good I had it! Now I'm back home in Southern NH and embrace the winter! 80 degrees in Feb. in SoCal just didn't seem right after a few years.
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I have to get our stuff fired up and ready. Been a quiet winter so far! Steve, I'd clean most of the snow off as its harder to deal with when heavy as you know. We most likely will be going with the storm.
I guess I'll have to put the plow on my truck before Saturday night..and get some gas for the tractor..
We might get a "coating" of snow in my area tomorrow morning,but the "big" storm they are hyping up for Saturday night & Sunday has not even developed yet,its still in CA..
They are just making educated guesses,until it gets much closer..

One TV station said my area may even get into a "warm front" and temps may go up as high as 45 degrees,or stay above freezing until Sunday night..

I am going to keep an eye on the updated forecasts--my area may only get some snow at the beginning and the end of the storm,with rain in between--then the flash freeze when it'll dip into single digits by Monday..

I'd rather have all snow than a miserable mixture..this will likely be one of those storms where a snowblower will be clogging up every 10 feet and practically useless in my area,as usual..

I already got food on Tuesday,and filled my truck with diesel..just hope the fuel I got is good--the pump was very S-L-O-W when I filled my tank,it took 3 minutes for it to pump one gallon,then it slowly sped up some,like the filter on the pump was clogged,or maybe the fuel had water in it --praying it didn't!....then the nozzle never "clicked" off,and a half gallon of diesel shot out of the filler neck,soaked my shoes and pants..smelled like a diesel roach while I was shopping..:(

I'm still not feeling good,I'm glad I don't "have" to go anywhere until next week--paid my property taxes early,so that will be one less thing to do..felt so crappy Monday I thought I might end up in the hospital..hoping we only get 6" or less in my area,that will be plenty to get my heart pounding like a sledge hammer..I'm so far out of shape,it's pathetic..:(
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It occurred to me that I hadn't started my Deere X748 since November. So at 15 degrees I used Sergeant's trick of cycling the glow plugs twice, I winced and turned the key. She fired right up, shook unhappily for about a minute but then she smoothed out, never thought about stalling. Gotta love that little Yanmar diesel. I let her run for a while and started the Deere 318 Kohler Magnum repower. It was comforting to know they are both ready for Saturday. I tested the generator Monday, started on the 3rd pull. I'll roll it outside, wire it up and hide it under the picnic table on Saturday.

Not looking forward to it but I think I'm ready.
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I realized that today as well, that my snowblower hasn’t been run in close to two months. I topped it off, ran through the startup steps, and it started on the second pull. I let it idle away while I gathered some kindling and grabbed a tarp for the woodpile (we want another fire Sunday during the game). I then ran it around the backyard and put it away for Sunday’s weather event.
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We are now in the 14+ inches of snow belt with the Lake Effect that we are supposed to get Monday not accounted for in the 14+ inches so we may be north of 18" if it hits as predicted. Still going to get a couple extra 5 gallon cans of gas and some food tomorrow night just in case!
Supposedly there is another storm behind storm Harper that could be big as well. At one point I saw Bangor, Maine could see 24" plus of snow this weekend. All hype? With the big traffic of this
forum we will see some good snow totals reported over the next few days.
I'm in the land of "not sure what we're getting" here on Long Island. Weather Channel isn't sure yet either, so at least I'm in good company. Everything is still very dependent on exactly how the storm tracks. The tractors have been ready, but "Old Faithful", my 1974 Onan CCK generator (which I haven't run for a while) needed a little TLC today (points, and carb. cleaning) after which it ran smoothly like it normally does.

So, I'm good to go, whatever we might (or might not) get.
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I haven’t fired my stuff in a while. Had a funeral today so busy tomorrow. Hope no starting issues!

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