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Looking for some assistance with a X595 electrical question

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Year 2003, serial number 21423

Discovered a broken off wire while in process of last steps for winter prep. Had the console covers off cleaning out the radiator screen/vacuuming out debris and checking out why power outlet doesn’t work.

Power outlet problem appears to be no connection from fuse to power switch as have power to fuse, new fuse, switch function good to outlet but no continuity from fuse to switch. This will be left for another day as not about to pull cab and fender deck off this time of year.

While installing right side console cover noticed broken off wire on one of the relays with no obvious lose end. Questions are: which relay is this and purpose of wire? I have the manual & am use to reading schematics (bit rusty, but like riding a bike) but not finding a match. Manual indicates 3 relays here: K2 Overtemp Cutout, K1 Preheat, K9 Pull in coil. Not able to match actual wire colors to what schematic shows, also see 5 wires actual schematic shows 4.

Appears everything works so not a problem?

Hoping someone can steer me towards understanding what is going on here, thanks


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I think it would be the over heat cut out. If it was the pull in relay it wouldn't start. If it was the preheat relay I would think you would be hard to start. You can double check this by checking for voltage to the glow plugs.

If it is the overheat relay you run the risk of the pto not shutting off when the tractor overheats. So a higher risk of more damage caused by overheating.

Also this relay only comes into play during overheating so if you haven't overheated all would appear ok.
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rtintwo thanks for reply. Turns out was the pre-heat relay. This was my suspicion from the start but couldn't find the white wire that I knew went to glow plugs. I finally dug into the cluster of wires and turned out the yellow wire on relay went short distance & then plugged into the white wire.

The cut off red wire? PO added or ? Is direct to battery voltage with relay not energized. Glow plugs get power so I put a wire nut on the extra wire & buttoned up the machine.

Cozy Cab adds fabric cover velcro'd on over the right side cover, repaired bad velcro & installed left side metal cover that blocks off cold air to cab & directs air for radiator. Still has lots of air leaks & sealing them doesn't help getting it as warm as I would like in the cab. Sunny day no matter how cold get 70+, but at night 50-55 is it. But I still smile, out of wind & snow wearing light coat & frequently 3 year old grandson riding shotgun.

Calling for snow Mon-Tues, now I'm ready.
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haha - looks like I need to refresh the page before I reply.
Glad you got it figured out.
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