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Looking for replacement B10 front wheel bearings

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I am looking for replacement front wheel replacement inner and outer bearings.
for my B10.

The original part numbers I have from a downloaded parts list are,

Inner bearing 2026591
outer bearing 2025697

cup inner & outer 328002

I have a B10 Early, and don't have the serial number.

Does anyone have a cross reference for decent replacement bearings?


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I believe all the B-Series models, except the 207 and 208 use the same front axle wheel bearings.

I don't recognize those specific numbers you listed, as they may vary by brand, but here is some additional information which may be helpful.

The inner bearing is a special tapered cone bearing with a seal vulcanized to the bearing, Timken part number LM11900LA902A1. These are expensive and a little hard to find. Best to shop around for price.

An low cost alternative seal, washer with the rubber flange, is discussed here:

This will allow use of a regular inside cone bearing, same as the outside one.

The outer bearing is a cone bearing, without the vulcanized seal, and can be obtained from any auto parts store, as well as the cups, if not purchased in a bearing/cup set.
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Motion Iindustries is best place to buy bearings here. Good Luck
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