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Looking for opinions on best tractor for the money

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Hello, I am really having a hard time deciding what to do, I need a new rider by fall. I am looking for at LEAST a 42" but bigger would be better, I mow about two fairly flat acres, and pull a leaf vac in the fall.

Ive been looking at John Deere in the $800-$1500 range, but many are very old, and I'm not sure which models are the good Deere, and which are the cheapos(like my DEAD Sabre).

Currently on Craigslist there is a 2001 Simplicity DLX Landlord with over 800 hours, an 18 horse Briggs, and a 54" deck for $1250 OBO. Seem like a good deal, but I can't seem to find much info on that tractor, also the hours seem high?

I've also considered going with new or slightly used Husqavaurna or Craftsman in the $1400-1600 range, as I've heard that AYP is a bit better than a MTD?

I would also prefer hydrostatic drive.

Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions

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