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Looking for help in getting my new baby home

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Hello to all, I am looking for some help in getting my newly acquired Case 444 closer to Maine.I can rent a pickup for a reasonable rate with unlimited mileage ,but it is not allowed to go past the Connecticut border( GPS equipped).The tractor is located in Binghamton,NY 13903. If anyone is coming north in the next few weeks and could haul it at least up to the CT border or anywhere else within the confines of New England, please let me know.The tractor doesn't run, but the PO has a tractor to push it up onto a pickup with ramps.It has a 48" deck that can be left on or removed before you arrive.My phone number is 207-974-7450 if you wish to call me,if not then PM me.Thanks to all in advance!!!! Mark :thanku:
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Check your PM.
Bump-still need help:thanku:
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