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Looking for advice on a lawn mower sprayer

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I am looking for a sprayer for a Craftsman LT.

I have about 2 acres, with a fence that goes along the perimeter. Last summer was the first year we were here. I used a hand sprayer to kill weeds and such around the fence, and it was more work/time than I anticipated. My idea was to somehow attach the sprayer to the tractor and then just creep along and spray. Well, that was much better than walking and carrying, but dang I got tired of pumping! So I'm ready to make an upgrade before this spring.

For various reasons, I'd rather not buy a tow-behind. I have a 3 car garage, but you know how that goes - I have five vehicles, plus toys and tools, not a bunch of room to store more tractor stuff.

I found this option
Looking around the forum, I found an old thread about this company here:

Does anybody have any recent experience with them? Does their sprayer kit work ok?
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I ordered the MowerBoss sprayer. I'll let you guys know how it works out.
This sprayer is designed to be used as a broadcast sprayer for wide, open areas. It doesn't appear to include a wand; you could add one by adding a tee to the pressure line and a shutoff valve for the boom, however. It also does not include a tank. Also, the spray heads do not appear to implement a diaphragm system to stop them from dripping when the pump is shut off.

What you're really paying for with your choice is the platform that holds the tank to the tractor. Most people on this forum would probably try to construct their own platform for the sprayer.

I know this is a horribly late response but I think there are much better options out there.
Here is the one I came up with last summer, it was pretty easy and works very good. Here is the link:
bought my from harbor freight with wand . been using it for 4 years.
I'm pretty happy with the mowerboss setup. I got a sprayer boom as part of the kit, but I also bought a wand. This seems to be the perfect setup to do everything I need to do.
I sprayed my elderly neighbor's yard with the mowerboss setup a few weeks ago. Several hours worth of work (it's a big yard)... worked like a charm :)
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