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Looking for a parts break down

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I have a friend that just bought a 1982 GTV 18 Craftsman rider and there is a part missing or broken off. I need to is the mule part with the pulleys go no. It is different than my SS18 or ST12. This mule has 2 nuts that hold it into place. Ant help would be nice. ThanksYogi85
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Get the tractor model number and look up the parts list on the searsparts site like davidg said.
Thanks guys for the info. I did that got the parts break down, but the part that I need to see isn't there.If anyone has a GTV16 or 18 and can give me a picture of the mule part of the mower. Mostly the right side. This is where the idler pulley is missing and not to sure where it bolts upto.

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Sorry this is almost a year late! Just stumbled on the thread. Did you solve the "mule" problem?

I have a 1982 GTV 11, most of which (except for the engine) I think is the pretty much the same as the GTV 16 and GTV 18. The mower deck is model 917.253644, 44 inches. The assembly I think you want is called "idler box" in the manual.

Let me know if you still need info--I can scan the parts drawings and list for you.

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