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Hello all, I currently have a sears mower 917289272. It has a 42-inch deck. I have the tires loaded all year. I use a weight box and chains during the winter.

I mow a couple of different properties my yard is 1.5 acres plus the other two yards. It takes me most of the day to get the mowing and trimming done. I clear the snow out of my 10 car parking lot and my 100x25 driveway. I also clear some of the yard up for footpaths and dog run.

My current ride takes a pounding to get through the off-road snow often getting stuck. The blower makes it hard to steer.

I would like a power lift snowblower so I can keep some of the weight on the front wheels. I am looking to step up a deck size a bit I am thinking 48 and a locking diff. I do not need a huge rig. I live in the city I just have a decent sized yard and a Vermont winter to deal with.

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