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looking for a Ford 4000 carburetor.............

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the one I have now is a Marvel Schebler TSX 813, .........are there any other carburetor's that will work on this tractor ?....the cheapest one I can find is $300 + on ebay ........what I'm REALLY looking for is a shutoff valve that is on the gas tank itself, I need a fuel line to run from this shutoff valve to the carburetor , the set up I have now the fuel line has two different size fittings ..............

thanks in advance for any and ALL help with this cluster____


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Why not rebuild the carb that you have?

Ford 801/4000 basic carb rebuild kit

Ford 801/4000 comprehensive carb rebuild kit

You can also go with a rebuilt carb for about half the price of a new replacement:

Ford 801/4000 rebuilt carb

They changed the diameter of the fuel line at some point and the fitting sizes changed accordingly

1/4" diameter fuel line

5/16" diameter fuel line

And there are two fuel shut-off valves depending on the fuel line diameter:

Ford 801/4000 shut-off valve - for 1/4" fuel line

Ford 801/4000 shut-off valve - for 5/16" fuel line
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As for the fuel line between differing sizes, there are barbed (for rubber) and threaded (for hard lines) adapters in most good hardware stores. A rebuild and couple adapters and it'll seem like a new tractor.
I have put a rebuild kit in the carb and now all I need is an adapter.....we have on of those "old school" hardware stores in the next town over, I'm headed there this morning. Thanks again for your input !
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