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Looking at some old iron

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Brand new to the site, had me an old sears years ago and sold it off.
my newer mtd is cheap.

Looking at this Sears 10XL tomarrow. He's asking $225. for it. thought i'd ask for some opinions. been sitting in barn for 2 years, Add reads as:

Thanks for all thoughts

sears 10xL old
high low 8 speed
chains,wheel weights
22.5 rear tires
4.8 front tires
motor--- cast iron extra long life engine
model no. 917.25420 timken bearing equipped
32" snow blower ----model no. 917252620 with belt driven
mower deck---- 43" triple blades
condition, needs battery the motor turns but this has been sitting for a while. this would be good to restore or use for parts, needs tlc and a good home


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:MTF_wel: Good deal it looks like. Hope it works out for ya!:fing32:
:MTF_wel2: Well do you have it home yet.:thThumbsU
Got her home tonight, gave $185 for her, took out old dead battery, put fresh gas in, put battery from other tractor in and she fired right up
I'll try and get some pictures, always nice to have beginning pics.
:MTF_wel2: glad to have you here:thThumbsU
first pics of my 1968 10xl


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:howdy: :howdy: :MTF_wel: :MTF_wel: fishinisfun........Welcome to the club..........these guys have all the answers..........Looks good only surface rust.........Id get it...........John......from the susquehanna........... ::trink39 ::trink39:
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