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Looking at possible trading for or buying outright a Farmall 35

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I found a Farmall 35, has a fel, mid deck. and has R-4' tires, under 500 hrs. any one have any known concerns? It is clean and looks to well cared for. I might trade one or possibly both of my mowers in. IH 234, and a 782. but not sure of any known issues with this model. thought I would ask here!
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Done, should be home in a couple of weeks. Trading my 234, and 782.


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Cool, let's see some more pics.
very excited to get this. I have been looking for a few years. and couldn't pull the trigger. now, very happy I did. It will be great for my needs. I was very happy with my others, but this is a big upgrade. the only way I can log on this site it to change my password each time?? very strange. I have tried to update. I had this delivered Friday. I did Waite too long LOL!


C5, I see you have a 33. and also from WI. I looked at one w/ low hours. I wanted it. but it was too far away. this Farmall 35 was transferred in there dealer network and delivered to me from there closest dealer. this looks to have been well taken care of. and maintained well. I wanted the R-3 tires, but I will see now if I like these R-4's?
I have the log in issue solved. my fault! missed 1 digit.
was thinking about adding a grill guard? should I get a OE? or other? and front weights.
Working in the woods, yes to a grill guard. Although not a guarantee it will fully protect, between that and the bucket it's a lot less expensive than having something go through the radiator. As far as OE or other - comes down to price and availability. Course you could always make one.
Now for the front wheel weights - I would be inclined to say no. Reason is the amount of stress put on the front drive line assembly. Don't know how much you use the bucket and the amount of weight it carrying, but the front end on these tractors are not as robust as the rears and they are under a lot of stress with a full bucket load. Why compound the issue by adding weights.
Now having said that, I do not know, other than the dragging logs, what all you are doing with the tractor. Removable weights on front with nothing in the bucket could help with traction but once again, I would caution as to full time use of them.
And of course the other possibility is to have the front tires loaded with Rimguard (beet juice) which will help with traction without the impact of weight on entire front end.
Just my 2¢.
the front weights are not necessary for me, good point. no real need for the added stress. I have decided to make the grill guard. no woods work, just added safety. my old rear weights I adapted to my 234, will work on this tractor as well w/ another adaptor. glad I saved them. these weights are from an IH 350 utility from many years ago! will post pics when I get the GG done. mower is put away till I get a 1972 Duster project painted.
Neat machine... underneath the stickers it's actually a Japanese design Shibaura.

Have fun. 🍻
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