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looking at lgt, what to look for

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hello all! I am going to be looking at a LGT 145, the older style without the sides. it's a hydro, and apparently all that's wrong with it is it needs a carb cleaning, but i know there is a possibility it might need a carb rebuild, i'm okay with most things. My bolens needs a new clutch, and this tractor is about the same price as a new clutch, so I'm intrigued by the hydro, and modifying my bolens implements to fit. i did see a picture on here where someone had a black & white fmc snowcaster, same as I have on a lgt.

so, you guys are the experts on this breed, what should i look for on this tractor, and what should make me run like heck? it apparently runs and moves, this is all i know until i drive 3 hours to look at it.

thanks in advance for any advice you guys can lend. i'll post up some pics if I end up bringing it home. looks pretty clean - stored inside since new.
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I would definitely go for it. They are strong, durable tractors. I once had 5 of them but have sold them off and now only have 2. The only problem that I can think of would be the implement lift cylinder. Look to see if it's seeping/leaking. This wouldn't deter me from buying it, but just something to look for. If it comes with a mower deck, check it out as well. These can be rough sometimes. Other than that, sounds like you may end up with a decent tractor. Good Luck with it!!!!!
Here's a couple pics of what I have. Since yours was stored indoors, hopefully it will look something like these.

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Geeze, if you had a heated garage floor you wouldn't have to put a blanket under the poor tractor. :sidelaugh :sidelaugh

You're right. My wife is jealous. She doesn't even get this kind of treatment!

Acually, it's under there to prevent tire marks on the concrete slab. Seems after it sits for awhile, she leaves tire marks on the slab. Drives me crazy(almost as much as my wife).
Really nice looking rig ,John:trink40::trink39::fing32:
Thanks Rick. By the way, how's your fleet doing?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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