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looking at lgt, what to look for

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hello all! I am going to be looking at a LGT 145, the older style without the sides. it's a hydro, and apparently all that's wrong with it is it needs a carb cleaning, but i know there is a possibility it might need a carb rebuild, i'm okay with most things. My bolens needs a new clutch, and this tractor is about the same price as a new clutch, so I'm intrigued by the hydro, and modifying my bolens implements to fit. i did see a picture on here where someone had a black & white fmc snowcaster, same as I have on a lgt.

so, you guys are the experts on this breed, what should i look for on this tractor, and what should make me run like heck? it apparently runs and moves, this is all i know until i drive 3 hours to look at it.

thanks in advance for any advice you guys can lend. i'll post up some pics if I end up bringing it home. looks pretty clean - stored inside since new.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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