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Looking at buying a 111 with snow thrower

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I recent bought my first house and have a 10x100' driveway that I'll need to clear this winter. On craigslist I found a 111 in good shape with a snow thrower. The mower has a newer 12hp IC briggs engine because the last one blew up. The show thrower was completely redone with new bearings, skids, and plate. The mower also has the good heavy 38" deck. I have a 1/3 acre right now that i push with my toro mower - I probably wont use this to mow the grass to much as I like getting that work out and enjoy being outside. I'm looking to use this more for a snow moving machine. There is a gentle slope to my driveway, nothing steep. Serial Numbers: Blower - G321K450559M Mower M00111s306655
He is asking $600 but it needs a belt and he never got the blower mounted last winter but says everything is there.

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TWG covered it pretty well.

A JD 111 with a replaced engine & decent mower deck & a snow thrower that's also in good shape for $600.? Which belt needs replaced? Drive
(which also can mean new pulleys), deck (blade to blade), pto to deck?
Drive belt & the pulleys are doable but work - 'bout need a tech. manual.

Sounds like a real good buy from here (from here-sight unseen).

FWIW: My 111 is 33 yrs. old & of course has had parts replaced on it
& the 38" deck. Maintained meticulously - still on the job mowing 3/4 acre or so weekly & it still looks good too. JD-D
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