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Looking at buying a 111 with snow thrower

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I recent bought my first house and have a 10x100' driveway that I'll need to clear this winter. On craigslist I found a 111 in good shape with a snow thrower. The mower has a newer 12hp IC briggs engine because the last one blew up. The show thrower was completely redone with new bearings, skids, and plate. The mower also has the good heavy 38" deck. I have a 1/3 acre right now that i push with my toro mower - I probably wont use this to mow the grass to much as I like getting that work out and enjoy being outside. I'm looking to use this more for a snow moving machine. There is a gentle slope to my driveway, nothing steep. Serial Numbers: Blower - G321K450559M Mower M00111s306655
He is asking $600 but it needs a belt and he never got the blower mounted last winter but says everything is there.

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I've got a 116 with a similar snow blower. Bit longer driveway than you, and I live in WI. It works OK, as long as you recognize the limitations. It's a single stage blower and it's on a tractor that is really a lawn tractor. Light fluffy stuff is ok, but get into a lot of wet snow/ice and it starts to struggle a bit. I've got chains and rear weights, and you will most definitly want both. I've got Carslisle HDAP tires on my tractor, thought I'd try them once without chains and ended up getting stuck on bare pavement. I've got some gentle slopes too, and they can be a challenge with traction.

Now that all being said, I'm not looking to replace my setup yet. It works, you just have to be smart about how you do things. It's a light tractor and snowblower, you have to treat it as such.

I bought my snowblower with everything there for $200 a couple years ago. You will most definitly want to make sure everything is there, especially the mule drive. Those are spendy. I'd also highly recommend getting the rear weights that mount above the hitch and chains.
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