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Looking at A JD X720 2007 hours 1032

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it has 1032 hours on it .
it is at a dealership so they are asking Premium price i think . It comes with a mower and FRONT QUICK HITCH and no blade

Thank you
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Well if Its a 2007 model all it is. Is a X485 with different decals The 2007 Model X700 series Cannot Take the 60inch 7 Iron Decks What Price did the dealer quote You?
6400 and change Canadian plus taxes it has a 62c blade and quick hitch for blade
Price seems decent. Here's my advice. You are so close to buying a model that still has warranty left in that price range that it would make sense to wait for one with a warranty so at least you are protected up front going into the deal. A 4 year old machine has already come off warranty or is about to.
I may have to rethink my choice grass isn't going to be bad but it is the driveway That is going to be an issues
I was talking to a dealership about an older model with some attachments and he said that one A 435 would be twice as much and the Cam gear had not being replaced and it had a 1000 hours too
Anything with warranty will be to small or HUGE money or both
Canadian prices quite a bit more than USA prices I am finding
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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