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Looking at a JD 140H3

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Going to take a look at one for sale near me. It comes with the manuals and service records. This is the first 140H3 I have looked at. Seller says the motor was rebuilt a few years back. My biggest question is how will I know if the hydraulic lines are good? I guess I can check to see if the lines have no cracks/leaks. This might be a dumb question... but how will I know if the hydraulics work? It comes with a mower deck. Is there a simple way to check them? Anything else I should look for. Thanks!
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Move all 3 levers forward and backwards. Even without anything attached, that will pressurize the lines and show any leaks, though if it has long term leaks it will be extra dirty there.
Look to see if it has the optional rear outlets, just an extra to look for. Also the early ones had smaller front axles and lighter duty rearend. If it has lug bolts, its the lighter one, if lug nuts on studs, it's newer.
Just start it, drive it around..make sure it stays stopped in neutral. reasonably tight steering. Good headlight panels are rare as are uncracked hoods.
If it runs good and the mower lifts up and goes down you should be OK.
I hope you get a good deal. What is the asking price ??
Here is a photo the seller sent me. Only thing I was able to confirm from this is that it is a H3 and there is a hole cut out in the hood. It does not appear that there are any decals on the fender deck. They owner says it runs good and starts right up.


I see that hole a lot in the hoods. It probably had a cab on the tractor at one time or another. The hole mad it easier to re fuel.
Yeah how much? If you get the serial number we can tell you the year and a better idea of the value of it :fing32:
Went and looked at it today. Did not come home with it. I was hoping it would be in better shape and not need as much work. (Since I am still very new to mechanics etc.) The first thing I did not like was that the seller had it hooked up to a batter charger. He said it would not hold a charge. Then he said the clutch did not work and years ago he put a bolt through it to hold it in place? The two front tires were bald and did not hold air too well. He said I could drive it outside to get a better look. It turns out the two pedals on the right (fwd & reverse) were not working either.... I had to put it in neutral to slow it/stop it... (by using the lever on the right side of the steering column) The mower deck was white, which surprised me (faded?). It was able to go up and down.

Its a '69 140H3. He was asking $1,000 I got him down to $750.00 before I even went to look at it. I did not bother trying to go any lower and he seemed ok with keeping it in his barn.

I said I would look more into the pedals not working etc and and if he still has it in the spring then maybe I would come back for a second look. He said it would probably still be here.

Also there were not hydro lines running to the back. What would it take to get this 140H3 back into to shape and be able to hook up a 3pt hitch and brinly plow and front blade?

The good = the motor ran nice once it was running and had it going around the yard. It had a grill and decent headlight panel.

What would you guys pay for this 140? How much money would need to go into it to get it back in shape? Would you even buy it or would you walk away? :thanku:
$750.00........It would have to be in real good shape and not need much. You Did the right thing. But next time ,have three or four one hundred dollar bills in your hand and make sure the seller sees them ! lol
A patio deck. If the tractor itself was a patio (white underneath) it might be worth money..with an original patio seat in great shape. Otherwisw it sounds like a piece of junk worth $100-200.
BTW, I sold a 69 140h1 this Spring for $199 that started and ran fairly decent, but the 12hp kohler didn't turn me on Had junk hood and headlight panel but otherwise ok.

These guys that want $1000 for their $200 tractors but won't buy a decent battery to run them are in my opinion, the end result of too much drug use.
Oh, and the 2 pedals to the right are steering brakes. The lever to the right is the hydro forward & back and all you normally need to use.
Oops. Forgot we are talking an H3. Add a couple of hundred to my low guess.

My own H3 was also a sorry smoking POS. I paid something like $275 for it in this shape, and had to reo about everything. Not for the novice to GT's. You would be far better off getting a decent one right off.


Thanks guys. At least I learned a few things about the 140 today. I will keep looking!
Also there were not hydro lines running to the back. What would it take to get this 140H3 back into to shape and be able to hook up a 3pt hitch and brinly plow and front blade?
It sounds like the transmission and engine might be ok. Assuming no hydro leaks a 4-way front blade should just clip onto the front along with the 4 hydraulic lines. A three point for a 140 is big bucks (appx $400), a sleeve hitch that will handle a plow is less but still probably $150 plus the lift arm, if you can find one. If you want the rear hydro lines and a rear pto to run a tiller add several hundred more. I'd keep looking.
The hole in the left front of the platform would be where the deck height knob and locking wing nut should be , true you could operate without them but you would be either all the way up or down very difficult to use the hydraulic lift to have a consistent cutting height from use to use if the deck is moved.
Three point hitches come up on ebay but they are pricey and the # 33 rear tiller wont work with the TPH mounted or without the rear PTO also very pricey .
The good news is that I see many of these items listed far closer to you than me !
I d like those and a 54c Center blade to complete my 140 as well .
Rubadub, I blew up and brightened that photo in your link. Very pretty but an H1. Only 1 knob.


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