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Looking at a Cub Cadet and need advice

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I went and got a friend of mine and his boys into the tractor scene. He called today and wanted me to go with him to look at a Cub Cadet. What we have is a Cub Cadet Corporation 582, not an IH. It has the 16hp twin engine, deck (bent but works), snow plow in very nice condition, weights and chains. My buddy wants to eventually put a tiller on the back of this tractor. Assuming he can do that, is the hitch hard to find? My other question is on the hours. This tractor has 1322 hours on it. How long does this engine have here on earth? It starts and runs very well. No smoke at all. Idles very well too. It has the creeper gear in it also. The guy wants $600 for everything. Personally, I don't think the price is out of line but my friend doesn't want to pay that much. Can anyone help me with anything I have listed or anything else that we should know before we go back? Thanks in advance.
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Well depending on the Serial Number break after Ser# 71999 MTD changed the trans Case from cast Iron to Cast aluminum and the 582 took cat 0 spring assisted 3point Hitch Before that it could Take the IH 3point and brinly sleeve hitch adapter or the Cat 0 spring assisted 3point Hitch Now MTD did Make a adapter Kit for the Older style IH 3point Hitches to work on the Cast aluminum Trans Case so You could Use a Older IH Number 1 or 2 Tiller on a 582. When I say MTD it’s Because the Cub Cadet Corporations Parent company from day one was MTD:thThumbsU
IMHO, $600 is a bit steep for a CCC 582 with a bent deck and that many hours. On the other hand the creeper gear is a nice option and can go for upwards of $200 if parted out and the right buyer is found. Snow blades can be had for around $100 in nice shape around my parts, so to me, that is not a huge selling point.

Extreme Motor Works makes some nice hitches for the CCC tractors but they are pricey. If your friend's goal is to put a tiller on the back I would shy away from the later CCC models and find an older IH Cub with the cast iron rear.
The cast aluminum trans was really are Not that Bad. The IH tillers could be adapted on MTD/CCC until 1997 when the 3000 series came out:thThumbsU
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