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looking at a 95' MF283

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I am looking at a 95 283mf to farm with! The tractor is a 2wd with bush hog loader, 1934 hrs, decent metal rear left fender has a bend in it but over all seems to be a nice machine! I'm not really crazy about the clutch pedal location and design vs something like a massey 275! That is what I was raised on! Love that tractor! I would just like to know what to watch for on the 283! Also the price they are willing to do is $9750! I'd love to hear opinions even if they are negative! I just need a tractor to last me a long time! I've looked at older ones but they want an ARM and leg for them!
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I would check the hydraulic fluid colour. If its milky coloured its contaminated with water. It might seem trivial but its costly to change the oil and the filters. Check to see if front end linkages and steering components are worn its easy to pick the front end up with the loaded and then check.
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