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looking at a 332 for a friend

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Okay guys so a friend of mine is looking seriously at this 332. It comes with I believe a 30 inch tiller that is run off the front pto. It has a aftermarket 3pt hitch. A rear blade, I believe a 50 inch deck and a front snow thrower. 2 sets of tires also. It looks decent from the pictures and the owner said it has 2035 hours on it from when he bought it. He states in the email that is below that there was no hour meter on it when he bought it. From the sounds of it he is the second owner. What do you guys think about it? I will highlight my concerns and you guys tell me what you think. The current owner is asking 3000 for everything.

Ok. I bought the tractor used some years ago from a guy near Flint, MI which at the time it only had the mower deck with it. I picked up the tiller in Massachusetts a year or 2 after buying the tractor. The snow thrower I got from my father which was being used on a JD 317. The 3 pt hitch was added later and was build by a different guy in the Flint area. The 3 pt hitch is not John Deere OEM.


Tractor - 2 slow hydraulic leaks. One is the power steering hydraulic cylinder. The other is at the check valves on the transmission I believe. These were slow enough leaks that I never got serious about fixing them. Was thinking about it but never got around to it.

Radiator is good, no leaks. Power steering wanders a little bit but I got used to it. Uses maybe a quart of oil once each year between oil changes. Can't figure why but may be coming from the breather tube.? Right now I'm having trouble starting in cooler weather. Tested the glow plugs and I believe I have 2 that need to be replaced. Those will be here this coming Tuesday and I'll be installing those.

Axle was replaced 3 years ago. A slow axle seal leak on the right side was fixed at that time too. No leaks at the axle now.

No brakes. None worked when I bought it and never felt I needed them.

2,038 hours on engine but previous owner did not have meter attached, so I'm not exactly sure how many hours are on it.

Front electric PTO needs minor adjustment. Noticed last fall that when PTO was disengaged that it would almost come to a stop but not quite. Minor gapping adjustment needed. Tractor comes with 2 other extra front PTO's. One of which I bought on eBay and never installed. These are worth a bit of money on their own.

Cosmetic improvements one might consider: rear lights not working and have missing parts. Not sure if headlights are working either. Never used them. A professional paint job would be nice. Previous owner did a lousy paint job and metal under paint looks pitted (like it may have been left out in the weather?). I've always stored this tractor and implements in doors (except for back blade). Safety switches were all disabled before I bought the tractor except for transmission forward/reverse lever. Tractor must be in neutral for the ignition to turn over engine. Frankly I preferred not having all the safety switches. But you may feel differently about that. Rubber is in good shape but may have to add air periodically.

Relatively new fuel pump was added about 3 years ago. Non OEM.

Snow thrower: single stage but does an adequate job. New drive chain a couple seasons ago and has a new scraper bar that hasn't seen any snow yet. Auger had minor bends in the blades but does not hinder functionality.

Tiller: 30 inch and has no 12" extension which was an option available. Works great but I noticed the last couple times I used it a squeak coming from the left bearing (I think).

Mower deck: Still mows great. 2 sets of blades still in decent shape. Hydraulic lift. I've had to do nothing but routine clean, grease, oil and sharpen blades for this deck.

Back blade: After market item. On the light duty side but when I needed more down pressure I would stack a cement block or two on the back of it.

I have only used this tractor a few times since last October. Mostly just to use lawn sweeper. Hate to get rid of it but can't justify having 2 tractors. This tractor would still be nice to keep around to handle smaller jobs that my newer tractor might be considered too big for. Oh well. Diesel is the way to go though. I assume you have some experience with diesel powered equipment. I doubt I'll ever go back to gas for a tractor.


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And the rear blade doesn't appear to be a deere


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Fair price I think,hours are nearing rebuild if it had that many hours and ran 3 more years,should run 5 more years if not worked too hard.
$350 for blower, $300 for 3pt., $800 for tiller, $200 for rear blade, leaving $1350 for a 332 tractor and 50" deck. I'd say that were a good deal for a 332 with higher hours if it checked out.
Fair deal. The tiller has been converted to 3 point, as well. Bonus!
I have seen them with more hours, but check blow by. There is a tube that hangs down on the drivers side, while running see how much vapor comes out of it. The issues listed are minor and can be repaired fairly easily by anyone with some slight mechanical ability. About the biggest expense I see is the power steering cylinder, which runs about $190 and is a quick install. With that said, the original cylinder can be fixed if you have access to a cut off wheel and a welder. The same is true with the check valves. You can buy two new ones, but the old ones can be repaired. I have repaired four of them myself, just involves carefully grinding the nose cap off, changing all the o rings and tac welding the nose back on. Hour job if you've never done it.

The wander can be fixed for about $100 and involves replacing the tie rod ends and the axle bushings. I would also replace the king pin bushings at that time.

I would guess he's spot on with it needing glow plugs. Being indirect injection, they really need the glow plugs regardless of how warm it is.

I think that's a fair deal of it runs well, just needs a little tlc. If that were here I would be all over it.
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