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Hi all, first post here. I'm going to look at a 154 Monday morning. I've found some good info but I have some questions that might help me when looking at it. He was asking $1000, but the best I can do is $700, he said he would take it. Good deal? he said it was being used this last summer but just has 2 issues. Aside from dead battery. I'm looking Musky for the 60 in cutting deck but also for attachments in the future

First, he said the shifter will pop out of 1st on heavy load. He explained that where the shifter meets the great fork is worn, and could be fixed with welding and grinding. The way he explained it sounded reasonable, please any feed back. I found a thread about a 128? With that issue and he was told the same. Is this an available part is I can't fix it?

Second was that the rear PTO hydraulic piston does not work. The hydraulics to lower the deck work. He Surrey it might need to be bled or replaced. Any thoughts? Parts availability?

My next questions come from me being new to tractors.

It's a 3 point PTO. Is the configuration standard among any/all tractors or can I only get attachments made for the 154?

I have other questions but can't remember right now.

Thanks for any info!
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