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Look what showed up at my house......SNOW

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It is 37 degrees, and has been warm all week, so it is not sticking to the roads or driveway. No plowing needed!

That is the neighbors driveway, sorry I didn't take one of mine.


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jpa2002, some of us are just lucky,

here's mine!!

I spent an hour pushing it around!!

I was trying out my modifications (weights, blade and tires)

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Yep. Took me maybe 5 minutes to plow my small driveway
I got a little more seat time than that today!! (1/4 mile driveway!!)

The radial tires are a great option to chains.

Super smooth ride from the tires only inflated to about 7psi. And the gear drive just above an idle in high gear pushes the 48" blade perfectly!!

I never thought 10HP could do so much work!! I am really happy I decided to resurrect a gear drive!!

:praying: - More Snow!! - :praying:



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