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Look what I stumbled on

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Gravely Convertible 450 with mower deck, snowblower, and dozer blade.

Onan twin cylinder 16.5 HP

Previous owner says it runs, haven't tried it yet.

Lets see if I can post some pics.[email protected]/6703908213/
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Looks like it was repainted, or at least redecaled. 450s are awesome riding tractors. I've been trying for a while to talk my neighbor out of the one that sits on his property.

Manuals are also available at

Does it still have the 16.5 hp twin cylinder Onan CCKA motor on the back of it?
Well, good luck with it and keep us updated. Hopefully it's an easy one to get going.

It might still have the electric lift parts too.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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