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Local Tractor Lover Passes

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Lou was a farmer, mechanic and lover of all types of tractors, most especially old Farmall's. He was gracious enough to allow us to hunt his farm for many years. He will be missed.

Be careful with your equipment folks.
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I've run tricycle tractors on hills all my life and they are no more easy to tunover than wide front Ag tractors as wide fronts have a single pivot point on the front and if the tractor goes over far enough for the axle to hold it its already turned over especially since since most of the time rollovers occur on the side of hills.Most rollovers are caused by the lower rear wheel dropping in a hole or the upper wheel running over something like the stump this fellow hit.Tractors from one model to another vary widely in
where their center of gravity is located which determines how easy or difficult it is to turnover. Tractors are serious machines that can kill or butcher anyone up in a hurry I always cringe when I read someone is 'playing' with their tractors and generally speaking the smaller the tractor the more dangerous it is to operate as things happen quicker on a 20HP tractor then they do on a 100HP tractor.
Different tractors are very different, I can and do go places that lift one front tire off the ground six inches, all the time.

This machine also has loaded rear tires. It is as safe as I can get it.

No tricycle could go where this one goes.
Comparing your 4WD with blocks on the axles is far different from most farm tractors especially ones of the same era Narrow Fronts were built but even 4WD drive tractors can be turned over as most turnovers are the result of driver error or miscalculation.I've seen wide track bulldozers flipped over.One of the most common ways tractors are flipped is when heading downhill with a load like a silage wagon thats loaded the wagon will push the rear of the tracotor around and flipped the side ways tractor.Also over the years I've observed that most 'experts' on narrow front tractors are folks that have never actually run one.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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