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Local High School Rebuilds MM

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A high school in my local area has undertaken a rebuild of a Minneapolis Moline. You can read some of the details in the local newspaper online at:

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Vary neat, long time go we did a 8n in shop. Got me started on 8n's and how heavy they were built. So i have one of my own now :)
That's awesome! Why couldn't we have done that in Industrial arts? We had a choice between making a cutting board in the shape of a tomato or an apple.............they all came out looking the same.
Nice to see another MM being restored. I am sure Charlie Doty will be a big help. I talked to him last week on a project I was working on. He is always helpful on Molines/TC even dating back to 1930!
Really good to see Charlie!!!! Hope to see pics when its done. Im doing a UTU right now I believe Wilbert sold originally:thThumbsU
very neat idea--and a great learning experience for those young people...:thThumbsU

My own son was in FFA for four years in H.S., and he learned a his senior year, he and another senior paired as a team, and went all the way to the state tournment in tractor= troubleshooting contest. Today he works for CAT as a field technician, but he still darn sharp with electrical problems...

I'm proud of him, and I think that FFA helped along the way...

Brad, has there been alot of progress on this? I been out of the loop for a while
GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The tractor will be done its at the painters
Hay brad have you seen the tractor???? I haven't seen it .
Ill be blowing up the allis board with my daughters tractor soon :thThumbsU
That's great..!! Sad thing here is... I do believe they have dropped Vo-Ag from the local school curriculum here. Back in my day, tractor & car/truck engines were overhauled in that ole' shop. Welding was taught, and "stuff" was made for around the farm, and most materials used, were from out of the scrap pile.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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